Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy 20TH Anniversary To Project Blowed !! 20 Songs I'm feeling

Make Sure to check out the Project Blowed 20 YEAR Anniversary This Sunday in LA!!

Freestyle Fellowship - 7th Seal

bus driver -The truth of spontaneous human combustion ft. omd

Hip Hop Kclan - Massive Meltdown

Ganjah K - Green Acres 

Ahmad - Homeboys First

Chillin Villain Empire-Calistylics

2 MEX - Baby I ain't Joking

Medusa - You Better Be

Abstract Rude & Abstract Tribe Unique - Torn

The Nonce "Mix Tapes"

Haiku D'Etat - Mike Aaron & Eddie

Born Allah - Freestyle (90's)-Sway & King Tech

Volume 10 - Flow Wood

Hellfyre Club - DVT

Mikah Nine - First Things Last

Heavyweights Round 4


Aceyalone ft. Abstract Rude - Keep It True

Pigeon John - Sealed Fate

 PEACE - Southernwit

John's Top 10 Dope Folks Tracks of 2014!

10 .LORD V.I. (featuring BIG CHEEZE) "Free Cheeze"

9.  Rhyme Valore - These Are The Dayz


8. M.A.C.-10 "L.F.T.C.I.








2. Rast - The Good, The Bad and Me


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

BBQ JAMS: 4 Hours of 90's Hip Hop for the 4th of July!

Yesterday I was listening to records recording mixtapes for my car. I ended up recording records for 4 hours straight.  I broke 'em up into 3 mixes.  There's everything from classics, G-Funk, and rare unknowns.  All across the board.  I figured I would pass along the mixes to everyone here.  Nothing special, no cutting it up or anything, but there will be stuff on here that you will like. Just 4 hours of mostly 90's hip hop.  Don't hold it against me if there's a skip or something.  I was just playing my records! -Chris


MC Serch, OC, Chubb Rock, Nas, Red Hot Lover Tone: Back to The Grill Again (Remix)
Smif N Wessun: Stand Strong
Dred Scott: I Gotta Get Mine
Jeru Da Damaja :Brooklyn Took It
Artifacts: Lower Da Boom
Ras Kass: Soul On Ice (Remix)
Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown: Affirmative Action (Remix)
Main Source: Peace is not the Word to Play (Remix)
Black Sheep: Still in the Ghetto
Ice Cube Commercial for Crooked I Fruit Punch
Tha Alkaholiks & Xzibit: No Handouts
The Beatnuts: We Came Here
Fugees/Funkmaster Flex: Freestyle Rhymes
Cypress Hill :Hand on The Glock
Diamond D: Best Kept Secret (Remix) 
Master Ace : Go Where I send Thee
O.C. :Would You Believe
The Cenubites: Lex Lugor
Mad Skillz: Skillz in 95


Graveyard Mafia: The Yard
FY Gang: No Walls To Stand
Herb Superb: It's a Ghetto Thang
The Top Dawgs: Got Me On Tha Run
Terror Green: 45 Stitches
The East Click, Madman Shawn, Pudgee, Full Clip: S.O.N.S.
Gee Rock and Da CND Coalition: This is a Recording
Potentially Dangerous: Born To Be The Ultimate
R.O.C.(Renaissance of Chaos): Bring the Chaos
Chris Styles: Special Remedy
Darc Mind: Lyrical Blunt
Sham & The Professor: Soul Shakedown
MC Shan: Don't Call it a Comeback
M.A.C.-10: L.F.T.C.I.
Da Omen: Billy Bad Ass
C.O.D. (Cummin' Out Doggin'): Black and Gold Strategy
Gang Society: Just Part of The Game
Tweedy Bird Loc: Fuck The South Bronx Nigga, This is Compton
Darkside: Another Summer Day


Simply Smooth: Get Busy One Time
Partners in Rhyme: Cold Chillin' In The Middle
C.O.D. (Cumin' Out Doggin'): Out There Bad
YZ: The Return of The Holy One
Das EFX: Real Hip Hop (PMD Remix)
Brother Arthur: What You Gonna Do
Main Source: What Yo Need
Boodah an Da Bandit: Swallow Your Pride
Pete Rock and CL Smooth: Can't Front on Me
Vision Quest: Soul Clique
Redman: Time For Sum Akshun
Groove B Chill: There it is
Dooley O: Watch My Moves
Poetry: Everything I do
Antoinette: Let's Take it from The Top
Kam: Go With The Flow
Dollar Bill: I'm Outstanding
ED OG & Da Bulldogs: She said It Was Great
Supreme DJ Nyborn: Born Don't Play That
Chris Styles: Dreams of Torture

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Born Simeon Arthur Hinds in Washington DC, Sim-E moved from Georgetown, Guyana, to Brooklyn, New York. There he was introduced to the emergent culture of hip-hop & the craft of writing rhymes. Always the percussive enthusiast, a Casio keyboard, mini-drum set, & tape deck, were all that were needed to make music. However, a chance encounter with super producer Tony Galvin (Pudgee the Phat Bastard, Trick Daddy, Young Jeezy, T.I, etc) introduced Sim to the trade of production and the art of beat making. Soon after, Sim released his first full length with group Lastrawze to critical acclaim & notoriety, due to exuberant lyricism & Sim’s “jazz spiked portraits” & “mournful horns”.
     Sim-E’s 2nd release, & 1st solo effort, Sim-City, is set to debut his artistic talent to the world. Recently adding dj to the resume (rocking parties from Miami to LA, with 2 radio shows on Beatminerz, & True School Radio), Sim’s continued evolution as an artist allows him to take futuristic steps into hip-hop’s next chapter. 

***SIM'S newest release is the Dope Folks Compilation "KILLED BY DEF: VOL.3 SIM-E" a split single with his early 90's group SCHOOL DAYZE (Pre-Lastrawze), and his new project "SIM CITY" which features SIM-E and guest appearances by Roc Marciano, Strong Arm Steady, and Smif N Wessun.  Available at