Friday, December 10, 2010

ROCK LA FLOW Pre-orders NOW!!!

DOPE FOLKS RECORDS is proud to present our 4th release!!! From Milwaukee, WI circa '94...
ROCK LA FLOW "The Flowgram Pt.1"!!!
This record is INCREDIBLE!!! It's crazy that La Flow never blew up, blame it on location. If this came out of New York back in the day, it would make every classics list. We like to call it Milwaukee's ILLMATIC. None of this material has ever seen the light of day, until NOW!!!

We are now taking pre-orders for this amazing EP!!
This is a limited edition of 300.
All copies are $20 USD

We are also offering a special MILWAUKEE COMBO discounted package deal!
You can get Rock La Flow and Stranj Child for a combined price of $30!!!
***Make sure you select the combo package deal on our website. Individually selected 12"s will NOT be discounted.

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