Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello Everyone!
Thanks to everyone that bought COURAGEOUS CHIEF's "WARPATH" EP!!! All of the orders have shipped!!!
Your paypal receipt is your confirmation that we got your order and it has shipped. We still have copies left if you haven't jumped on it (it's VERY close to selling out... you better act now, it won't be repressed).

Because of the sheer volume of orders that we receive We will not be held responsible for lost packages. It is now out of our hands. We can provide proof that we shipped the orders, but we can't afford to lose any more money on lost or unclaimed packages that are no fault of our own. Sorry, we are not a major label, we are just 2 people doing this out of our own pocket because we love the music, and we want to keep prices as low as we possibly can. Please understand.

We will also NOT accept any "Add-ons" to your order. Once an order is placed... that order is placed. It gets too confusing and we want to make sure you get your order exactly how you placed it. I hope you guys can all understand, we just don't wanna screw up any orders and if we keep getting emails for add-ons, our shipping date can get really confusing, since we are literally getting hundreds of orders. All of the orders will be correct if they are all done through the website. So be careful when you're ordering.

Our next release is LEGION OF D.U.M.E. "The '94 DUME EP"!!! It Contains the original "Son of Sam" 12" + unreleased tracks!!!
You can preview the whole EP HERE or download it right away for $8!!!
Pre-order details will be coming as soon as we approve the Test Pressings in the next few weeks!

We are also featuring our releases for digital download! Or you can just preview our releases before you buy them! Find them HERE

We are also starting to carry some other NON-DOPE FOLKS releases that are DOPE FOLKS APPROVED!!!
KINGHELLBASTARD "Remember the Name" EP This is one of Milwaukee's best groups that we hope to see get a larger audience!
MASS HYSTERIA "Exclusive" from '99
EAST OF THE ROCK "Galaxy EP" '94 era unreleased dopeness from Chicago (If it sells out on our website, keep with us and we'll try to get more)

We have a ton of great release planned for the rest of year and it's not even the end of FEBRUARY!!! Keep checking our website!

For up to the minute updates you can follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK to keep on top of what we're up to!!

Thank you everyone! We can't wait for you to get Courageous Chief!!!

Chris & John

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