Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Soul Mix from Kid Millions

Here is a little mix I'm sharing with my friends..All the songs on this mix are from the late great Cosmo Cruz who was a dj on 91.7 WMSE in Milwaukee..Ive' been lucky enough to own a few of these so I'm going to share mixes over the next few weeks...Enjoy!! JOHN


  1. Tracks are

    1. The mighty Marvelows - Talkin Bout Ya baby
    2. The Companions - Be Yourself
    3. The Marvellos - Why do you wanna hurt the one that loves you
    4. Irma & The Facinators - Just A Feeling
    5. Alvin Christy - the same sad song
    6. The Blendtones - Come On Home
    7. The C.O.D.s - I'm looking out for me
    8. Billy Mcgregor - Fall On My Knees
    9. Soul Attractions - I never knew what love was like
    10. The Mandells - Don't make a mistake
    11. Otis Clay - I paid the price
    12. Magictones - I'll make it up to you
    13. roddie Jay - Come Back Baby(Blowtorch jam)

  2. word, looks like a nice treat, downloading now. Thanks!

  3. Enjoy & pass it on....I'm gonna do a few more in the upcoming month..