Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slang Parade Double EP Pack coming soon

Underground mixtape DJ-turned-producer Bazooka Joe delivers his first official, self-produced LP featuring 10 tracks of raw street music reminiscent of the hip-hop sound from the golden era. The Slang Parade boasts an impressive track list packed with up and coming talent along side legendary veteran MC's like Craig G, Dres, Sadat X, Jarobi, El Da Sensei and more, all backed by Joe's unique style of boom-bap production. The album falls in line with his previous critically acclaimed projects, the mixtape/remix project Pressure Busts Pipes and the Bronx/New Orleans collaboration album - with NOLA'S own MC lmpulss. Backed by Mindbenda Recordings Founder and Super-Producer, X-Ray (Monsta Island, Darc Mind, MF Doom), The Slang Parade is sure to make some noise in 2012 and cement the foundation for Joe's guaranteed future producing quality Hip Hop albums and tracks.

DF 0018 Slang Parade - Tracklisting
Side A

1.DJ Bazooka Joe feat. Phace, Gentum, Daniel Joseph, Sol Zalez, Tone Liv

2. ThatDudeJules - 'Truth Benders'

3. Craig G - 'Slang Parade (R U Serious?)'The Parade lntro

4. DJ Bazooka Joe feat. 07 Omnipotent Allah - 'Undeniable lnterlude
Uppa Notch (Danon + Hoshannah) feat. Nicholas Howard - who youknow?


6. evitaN (Dres of Black Sheep + Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest) feat. Torae - 'Presence Of Greatness

7. Kevroc (of Darc Mind) - 'Mother Made-ya

8. Finsta Bundy - 'Killa Kid Times

9. Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) - 'The Fan?

10. DJ Bazooka Joe feat. S.HabiB - 'No Hook lntermission

DF0019 - Track Listing Slang Parade -
1.King Phaze feat. AZ, Styles P (of of D-Block) - 'Lion Men (BK2Y

2. DJ Bazooka Joe feat. Obvious Bane - 'Obvious lnterlude'

3.Bush League feat. Elespee, Juskwam, D.O.N. - 'Mic Sound Nice'

4.Junclassic feat. King Caesar (of Monsta Island Czars) - 'Roll'

5. Phace & Steve Smiff feat. El Da Sensei (of The Artifacts) - 'That 0l' Boom Bap


6.DJ Bazooka Joe feat. Tone Chop, Awful P - 'Chop n' P lnterlude

7. Knucklehedz - 'Time 2 Run ShiT. DJ Bazooka Joe feat. Underground - 'Takeover Outro'

8. Big Bad Baragon - '6th Borough (Newburgh, NY)
9. DJ Bazooka Joe feat. Underground - 'Takeover Outro'

10. Caliobzvr - 'True 4 You'

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